We are 130 HeroX!

The first generation of HeroX is over. There are 130 of us now.

During the last two weekends we held the final selection phase for the HeroX program: XChallenge event.

There were 1,500 interested in participating in the HeroX program. After two highly challenging selection phases, we invited 318 students to participate in the XChallenge event. It’s a bootcamp during which we evaluated to what extent their life philosophy, skills and abilities fit our requirements to become an everyday hero.

The XChallenge consisted of the following:

- events in Mexico City on August 9 - 11, and in Monterrey on August 16 - 18

- Teamwork activities, leadership, intelligence, philosophical and business discussions where participants were constantly evaluated.

After a difficult process, during which all information was checked thoroughly, we are very happy to have 65 students from Mexico City and 65 students from Monterrey.

These selected students, our new HeroX’s (a term by which we will refer to the participants of the HeroX program), are highly committed to the transformation of society through their own example, virtues and values.

We start on a road of love and freedom which we will walk together with the 130 HeroX’s. We’re happy to introduce our first generation.